Best Selling Ford Models of All Time


When you think about automobiles, one of the first few names that come across your mind is Ford. Since its incorporation in 1903, many car models have come and gone, but some of them have made a deep impact on the industry and a select few actually stand out of the crowd. Here is a list of some of the most popular Ford models launched by the company, that prove that Ford is the true pioneer of the automobile segment.

Escort: Before being released in the US in 1980s, it had already gained huge popularity in the European market. It was a compact family-size car that offered front-wheel drive. The company produced Escort models till 2003. Over all its production years, it sold around 20 million units across the globe.Ford Escort repair manuals are also available online.

Focus: Ford introduced Focus in the late 1990s, which was a compact car with spacious interiors, improved fuel economy, and several attractive features. The focus was a car for everyday people, but performance models were also produced with 5 cylinder turbocharged engines, known as the RS models. You can also find a range of ford workshop manuals online for the Focus to maintain and service the car yourself.

Mustang: The first version of Mustang was launched in the automobile market in 1962. It quickly gained popularity in budget range, and sold more than 9 million units in the US alone. At present, it is in its 6th generation, making it one of the longest-lasting Ford models still under production.

Fiesta: Launched in 1976, it became one of the best selling cars of all-time in Great Britain. Having sold more than 16 million units till date across the world, it is now in its 7th generation and was released in North America in 2010.

Model T: This was an affordable vehicle model from Ford that went into production in the US between 1908 and 1927. Having sold more than 16.5 million units, it is still one of the top 10 car models of all time. The assembly line of the vehicle brought a great change in the world of automobile manufacturing, and it is always remembered as a revolutionary vehicle from Ford.

Transit: Transit is a Ford line of light commercial vehicles in production since 1965. Passenger vans and cargo vans are the most popular units being sold in this range. Having seen 4 generations, it has sold more than 8 million units till date. At present, Transit claims 50% of the van market of the US, and it is continuing to increase even today.

Ford Motor Company is one of the top motor vehicle manufacturers, having brought high-end innovations and revolutions in the industry. From Model T to the latest models, the company has produced more than 350 million units till date, with no signs of slowing down.