Useful Information on Car Registration or Rego


All vehicles in Australia are registered in a Territory or State. This is called “The Registration” or “The Rego”.

Since rules differ between states, the process of purchasing and selling becomes a little complicated. Here’s some useful information on Rego.

What is Rego?

In simple words, the ‘Rego’ is a document that recognises your vehicle. It’s obligatory to have a valid Rego for driving a car in Australia, e.g. for car transport from Brisbane to Perth according to Dazmac Logistics.

The Rego should also be in the name of the vehicle’s owner, hence when you buy a vehicle, it’s necessary to transfer the Rego to your name.

The Rego includes Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) except in NSW where it’s required to purchase it separately from an insurance provider company when you renew the Rego. It’s known as a ‘green slip’.

The insurance covers all physical injury caused to a third person if an accident occurs. Material damage is not covered by the CTP, so, additional insurance should be bought.

Generally speaking, it’s best to purchase a car with a current Rego. However, occasionally a car is available without Rego or it’s Rego is about to expire and you’ll need to pay it while purchasing.

The duration of the Rego can be chosen by the owner (3, 6 or 12 months depending on the state).

If you want to transfer the Rego to your name, you will have to go personally to the state/territory of registration to submit your papers (barring WA, the only state where documents are accepted by mail).

How does Car Registration Work?

The Rego rules vary between states. Hence it’s important to understand the legislation of the state where you intend to buy the car, just like when car shipping USA to Australia from Dazmac Logistics is concerned for example.

Some states (NT, NSW) need a mandatory technical checkup while renewing the Rego or while buying/selling (VIC, QLD, ACT).

Hence you should be present in the state at the time of the change of ownership to conduct the technical checkup.

The seller of the car should provide you a receipt for the purchase which should contain the following information:

  • Model
  • Make
  • Year
  • Colour
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Plate number
  • Date and price of sale
  • Names, signatures and addresses of buyer and seller

Buying or Selling a Car in its Registered State

The process of buying or selling a vehicle within the state where it’s registered already is simple.

Both the parties complete the transfer form. The seller will need to send his part (‘notice of disposal’ or ‘sellers copy’) to the transportation department.

The buyer should produce his papers in person at an office of the transportation department in the registration state (barring WA).

New Registration

For buying a vehicle without Rego, it’s essential to follow the same procedure as that of purchasing a vehicle from outside the registered state, except that the seller obviously won’t have to visit the transportation department to bring the license plates back.

Remember that the seller can claim a refund for the days remaining on the old Rego while handing in the plates.

The seller needs to receive a receipt that should be sent to the ‘old’ state with the refund/cancellation form. A refund is provided for the remaining days.

Understand the information on Rego and it will help you at the time of buying a car.