4 Simple Ways to Enjoy Long Flights


Long flights are usually tiring, so not all travelers like it. If you are going to be on a long trip and your destination airport is LAX, you better be prepared. LAX, as we all know, is the most stressful airport. It will be a big help if there is a lax airport shuttle waiting for you after a long, tiring, and sometimes dull journey.

Now, the question here is, “how are you going to survive a long flight?” Here are some simple ways for you to enjoy your time in the air:

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Cotton is the best choice most of the time. The temperature inside the plane varies so it is wise to wear some loose layers as you can adjust your temperature no matter how cold or warm it gets. It is advisable to wear loose pants as it will let you move freely. Wear slip-on shoes or flip flops so you can easily remove and wear it. Also, out feet swell in high altitudes, so footwear that is too snug is not suitable. Pack a pair of cozy socks or slipper socks if you want your feet to stay warm.

Get a Good Seat

It is essential to find the best seat if you are flying for 10 hours or more. Here are some simple rules in finding the best seat:

  • Opt for the exit rows if you want more leg room
  • Children and babies often have the provision in front of the plane on international flights. If you don’t want your sleep to be disturbed by crying children, then avoid the front of the plane.
  • Choose the aisle seat if you want easy access to the restroom.
  • If you don’t mind disturbing the person on the aisle seat (hope they won’t mind it as well) and want to enjoy the view outside, then go for the window seat.

Keep Your Gadgets Loaded

Load your gadgets up with some of your favorite movies, e-books or games. It will keep you entertained the whole trip. Of course, don’t forget your external charger or power banks, just in case, your gadget’s battery runs out of juice.

Find Some New Friends

Talking to your seat-mate is one of the best things to do if you are traveling alone. Everyone has a reason for traveling. You might get surprised if you found out that that person is going to the same destination as yours! Talk about a new travel bud.

Once you have landed at the airport, checking out might be tiring as well. Isn’t it relaxing if there is a luxury car outside waiting for you? If your destination is in LAX, you may want to book a lax airport shuttle service that would arrive on time and can take you anywhere you need to be.

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