In Need of A Car to Drive for Uber? UCAR Is Here for You


Driving for uber is promising and lucrative. It’s not an all-advantageous endeavor though. With the many hours your car will be on the road, it’s likely to wear out sooner than usual. Also, with the numerous requirements and checkups done to determine if a car is fit for use in Uber operations, not every car is fit for use in Uber operations. Looking for a hassle-free way to get access to well-conditioned and fully-functional cars to use in your uber operations, is here for you.

Who Is Ucar Car

Ucar car hire is a unique driver-centric service committed to offering commercial drivers well-conditioned vehicles and professional support to help them make a living with ridesharing companies.  It’s the most trusted Uber car rental and leasing service all over Australia. We don’t limit our customers to using certain ridesharing platforms. Once you rent our cars, you can use them to earn an income via ridesharing platforms such as Postmates, Uber, veyo,and Lyft.

Our Key Services

At UCAR, our customers come first. Our commitment to providing our customers with first-grade services is indisputable. As with us, it’s not just about us making some profits. It’s more about ensuring each of our customers enjoys every single minute they are on the road. Our list of services is almost endless.

  • Around the clock maintenance services
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Free registration and scheduled maintenance services
  • Unlimited range of driving kilometers
  • A great range of replacement tires
  • Quality and timely customer care services

What Makes Us Different From Others

UCAR is different from every other Australian company in the same niche. We are unique in a variety of ways. Some of the main features that differentiate us from our competitors include;

  • Simple and quicker signup and approval—our applications are based on the internet and the approvals are also done online. So you can be sure to signup up and get approved in a matter of minutes.
  • No issues with credit checks—some of the companies operating in our niche will require you to have a good credit history to qualify for their rental car services. As with us, we don’t take such matters s We only require you be of the right age and agree to our terms of service and you will be good to go.
  • Properly maintained vehicles—all our cars are properly maintained and well serviced in Toyota accredited dealerships. As if that is not enough, we also promise to replace your car after every 12 to 18 months.
  • We don’t charge for signups—those signing up for our services don’t need to pay anything. You, however, must pay the mandatory contract bond for tear and wear.
  • Comprehensive insurance—all our drivers together with our rental cars are fully covered by roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance. So even in the event of accidents, you can be sure that you will be fully covered regardless of your driving experience and age.
  • Purchase option—if you hire car for uber from us and you happen to like it, you can transfer its full ownership by buying once the contract period is over.