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What Is Fuel Polishing?

Simply put, fuel polishing is a way to process your fuel to make it usable again. This is an eight step process that will save you a lot of money on fuel costs.

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Who Needs Fuel Polishing?

Any facility that uses stored fuel for standby power will need fuel polishing in order to make sure that its backup generator will work properly when it isneeded.

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Fuel Sampling And Testing

Sampling the fuel in your emergency backup generator should be done once a year. A sample will allow technicians to pinpoint any problems with your diesel fuel.

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Porting of Diesel Fuel

Porting is only necessary for tanks that do not have any ports for access. Porting will allow our polishing machines to access your tank and perform their job.

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Clean Fuel, Efficient Operation

Green Coast Fuel Management is a nationwide leader in diesel fuel management, also known as “fuel polishing”. Based in Burtonsville, Maryland, we are recognized industry-wide for our expertise and efficiency in the sampling, polishing, and porting of diesel fuel and fuel tank systems.

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So what is fuel polishing? Simply put, fuel polishing is a way to process your fuel to make it usable once again. This process is a specialized one that will optimize your most valuable resource.

Our Fuel Polishing Process

At Green Coast Fuel Management, our process represents the pinnacle of efficiency in restoring fuel integrity.

We bring our filtration equipment to your fuel tank. Once on site, we begin the implementation of our respected and highly efficient approach to fuel polishing.

Our fuel polishing system begins by removing the water from both low ends of the tank. We then run the fuel through a separator to remove the freestanding water from the “good” fuel. In the case of heating oil and diesel fuels, we use a diesel fuel additive called a biocide, and place that in the tank to kill off any unwanted contaminants and microorganisms. This initial process will remove 99.9% of all water from the fuel.

Next, the fuel is processed through a series of filters that remove virtually all-remaining particulate matter, down to 1 micron. Tank agitation will then remove any remaining sediment that has built up inside the tank wall.

We remove all contaminants as this process continues. Finally, to return the fuel to its true octane rating, fuel stabilizer is added.

Your Bottom Line

When it comes to your business, our services are extremely affordable.

We understand how valuable your fuel is to your bottom line. You simply cannot afford to waste it. By only removing water and contaminants, our filtration protocols result in ZERO loss of your fuel, your most valuable resource.

Who We Serve

Our customers span a variety of critical facilities, including Municipalities, Insurance Companies, the Department of Transportation, the Department of Defense, Radio Stations, and Telecommunication companies.

Green Coast Fuel Management guarantees the safest and most professional team of diesel filtration experts in the industry. Our systems for diesel polishing are built and maintained to eliminate cross contamination and maintain fuel purity that exceeds even the highest industry standards.


Our process has been lauded for its earth-friendly best practices. We are a certified “Green Business” as a result of the sustainable nature of the services we provide. Managing and essentially recycling fuel minimizes our carbon footprint.

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